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Office Rental vs Co-Working Space Pros and Cons

Office Spaces


  • Privacy and Customization: With an office rental, you have more freedom to design your workspace according to your specific preferences and brand identity

  • Dedicated and private space: Your office is yours, with minimal distractions

  • Enhance professional image and build trust with others


  • Higher costs (HUB Offices are reasonable at $250/month w/o long-term lease agreement

  • Maintenance and Overhead: Utilities, maintenance (HUB Offices do not charge extra for utilities or maintenance)

  • Isolation: While privacy is a benefit, it may lead to a sense of isolation, limiting networking possibilities

Almost Local Business HUB private offices are currently undergoing remodeling and we hope to have them available for leasing this fall. Contact us to secure your private office space today! 304-992-7355

Co-Working Spaces


  • Affordability: Co-working spaces offer more flexible membership options, making them more cost-effective for startups and small businesses. (HUB co-working spaces are $150/month lease or daily rentals for $20+tax)

  • Networking opportunities: Co-working spaces foster a collaborative environment, providing networking opportunities, partnerships, and friendships

  • Amenities: HUB co-working spaces offer amenities including high speed internet, reasonable printing, office supplies, kitchen communal area, mailing address, and coffee/tea/water


  • Lack of privacy: Sharing space with others might lead to distractions and lack of privacy during important business calls or meetings (headsets help tremendously!)

  • Limited Customization: Co-working spaces are pre-designed, and you might have little control over the overall layout and ambiance.

  • Noise and crowds: High traffic and noise levels could be disruptive for those who prefer a quieter working environment

Ultimately, the choice between office rentals and co-working spaces depends on your unique business needs, budget, and personal preferences. The key is to find a workspace that aligns with your workflow and your business needs. Your productivity and success are not solely dependent on your workspace. Your dedication, creativity, and consistent effort plays a vital role in achieving your professional goals.

Another option for businesses is the Virtual Office. Virtual offices provide small businesses with a brick and mortar business and mailing address, which is required for many business licenses in WV. Additionally, for the small business owner working out of their home, this allows separation between home address and business address, allowing you to keep your home address off of the web. Contact us at Almost Local Business HUB for virtual office space or reach out to our partners Alliance Virtual Offices for even more options!

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